Meet Aptitive’s Data Consultants — November Employee Spotlight

4 min readNov 29, 2021

Aptitive’s data consultants embrace their careers on their own terms. They have access to the many rewards of a technology consulting career — challenging projects, rapid career growth, and a competitive salary — without the drawbacks typically synonymous with consulting. To read more about the perks of an Aptitive career, head to our Careers page.

Each month, we’re shining a spotlight on some of Aptitive’s data consultants to learn about things like how they got started in data consulting, how they have benefited from their Aptitive careers, and who they are when they aren’t at work. This month, however, we’re taking a detour and spotlighting Eric Lindsay and Joryn Nelsen, two employees who represent non-data parts of Aptitive!

Eric Lindsay | Director of Business Development

Hometown: Rochester, MI

Alma mater & major: Western Michigan University, sales & business marketing

In 5 words or fewer, describe what Aptitive means to you. Driven, business-minded, family

What is your favorite benefit that Aptitive offers? Trust is the biggest benefit Aptitive offers! You won’t find it in the employee handbook or your offer letter, but every day the partners demonstrate trust from the bottom up and enable the team to perform at our highest levels, all due to the trust they’ve built within the organization. It’s hard to measure trust, but after a short while you sense it and the role feels less like a J O B.

What is one professional skill you’re currently working on? I’m working on my technical delivery skill set. This has always been a laughing point with one of our partners, Annette, that she wants me billing, so it’s time to learn a new skill: How to Write SQL 101. “Eric, imagine selling and delivering on your own projects!”

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? Paul Corning, co-founder and CEO, has a wealth of knowledge to offer. He reminds me every time we’re on a client call, in a mentor meeting, or grabbing a bite to eat in the office that it takes a special talent to chase down prospective clients knowing you’ll lose the majority, but those that you win are sweet in victory. I’ve got much to learn, so there’s no one better to learn from than Paul who’s been in this industry longer than I’ve been alive. (Sorry, Paul!)

Where will we find you outside of work? Depending on the season, your best chances of finding me will be on the golf course or in the outdoors. (Good luck, since I’ll be wearing camo!)

What is your ideal start to your day? An ideal day for me would start off with an iced coffee to open the laptop, answer a few emails, then jump on a prospective client discovery call. From there, I’d check my LinkedIn updates, reach out to a few partner reps for opportunity collaboration, connect with my team via Slack, and then break for lunch!

What have you been watching lately? My wife and I are big fans of Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. We always joke that we’re going to take our bulldog, Jaxxson, to the train station if he chews on one more cabinet door.

Joryn Nelsen | Director of Recruiting

Hometown: Western Chicagoland

Alma mater: University of Kansas — Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

In 5 words or fewer, describe what Aptitive means to you. Progressive, collaborative, transparent, family, challenging

What is your favorite benefit that Aptitive offers and why? Having been here for five years, I’m looking forward to my month-long sabbatical! I plan on renting a flat in Prague, my favorite city.

What has been your favorite Aptitive event? Our holiday parties! Specifically the 2016 holiday party at Ada Street.

What is your favorite thing about your coworkers at Aptitive? Everyone here is extremely smart but humble, genuine, supportive, and a blast to work with.

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it? I’ll kick your ass at Skee-Ball.

Where will we find you outside of work? Spending time with my family outdoors — Morton Arboretum, the zoo, the beach, traveling, etc.

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