Aptitive and Riversand Announce Strategic Partnership for MDM Solutions

2 min readSep 28, 2021

Aptitive and Riversand, a Syndigo company, recently announced a strategic partnership to deliver an end-to-end data strategy and technology solution for master data management (MDM). While clients across industries can expect a proven cloud-native master data technology solution to solve their business needs, the following industries can particularly benefit from our joint expertise: healthcare, insurance, transportation and logistics, and private equity.

About the new partnership, Aptitive COO Jason Maas said, “Customers are looking for data expertise in their overall strategy, planning, and implementation of data solutions that truly drive insights for better business outcomes, efficiencies, and agility. Aptitive and Riversand are proven leaders in our vision, technology, and ability to deliver. We look forward to developing this exciting partnership.”

When working with Riversand to implement an MDM solution, Aptitive’s clients may see the following benefits:

  • Enriched, high-quality data
  • De-duplication of data
  • A “golden record” of your organization’s data, synced across the enterprise
  • Improved data governance

Read the press release to learn more about Aptitive’s strategic partnership with Riversand. If you’re wondering “What is MDM?,” first check out our blog post on the topic and then read through our MDM solutions page to determine if an MDM solution is right for your organization. We also called out Riversand as one of four Snowflake-adjacent technologies your should know in a blog post you can read here.

Originally published at https://aptitive.com on September 28, 2021.




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